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Efficient Medical Uniform Practice: Provide Employees Clean Scrubs

Efficient Medical Uniform Practice

From long shifts to health hazards, working in a medical facility can take its toll. Having to maintain scrubs with sanitary perfection day in and day out makes things even more challenging. It forces the question: is there another simple, efficient medical uniform practice to consider? 

At-Home Medical Laundering Isn’t Efficient Medical Uniform Practice 

For many reasons, taking scrubs home to wash in the family washing machine isn’t the best way to clean them. This method compromises three major scrub supply factors: (a) cleanliness, (b) convenience, and (c) supply.

On Cleanliness

It’s no secret that domestic washers can’t hold a candle to high-end, industrial washers in medical laundry facilities. Especially when considering the true cleanliness of the final product. And this is not merely a matter of detergent/temperature capacities of the washers. 

Industrial washing facilities are designed for multiple cycles, each of which keep human contact to a minimum. In reliable medical laundry facilities, the scrubs arrive and leave the facility with little to no exposure or contact with any surface or person. In comparison, domestic washing means exposure to many different places. Wherever an employee goes before their shift comes to work with them. What they contact at work goes home with them. As a result, cleanliness is compromised at both work and home

On Convenience

Any job in healthcare is incredibly demanding of a medical worker’s energy and time. Not only does it take a toll physically, but it is also rife with mental and emotional stress. 

Having an at-home laundering policy forces even more time-consuming work-related duties on these same employees. Imagine having to spend time after a long shift disinfecting scrubs instead of relaxing and heading straight to bed. It’s an inconvenient, exhausting, and unnecessary task.

Any medical facility looking to recruit the best employees should be on the lookout for benefits to supply them. If you can tell them “you’ll never have to worry about your scrubs or uniform while working here; we take care of it,” that’s big. For industry veterans considering job offers, that might just be the icing they’re looking for. 

On Supply

Leaving medical professionals in charge of their own scrub upkeep can compromise supply stability. There’s always the off chance of employees not washing their scrubs on time, damaging their scrubs in the process of laundering, or worse, losing them at some point. That’s too much of a risk to take!

The Simplest Way to Develop an Efficient Medical Uniform Practice: 

Your employees, patients, and your facility need not suffer these excessive and demanding tasks! The best, easiest, and effective solution to providing your workers with always-clean scrubs lies in finding an efficient medical uniform practice.

What can you expect from a reliable scrub program? Aside from always-clean scrubs, you can rely on a scrub program to provide steady supply of clean, high-quality scrub day in and day out.

How does a scrub rental program work?

It starts with the right service provider. They evaluate your needs based on a few factors, log in data by wearer, schedule deliveries and pickups, and you’re in! Then it’s always-clean scrubs, minus the hassle, worry, or burden.

Get Top-Notch Medical Linen Services Through MEDtegrity

MEDtegrity can help you find the best scrub provider near you! We’re America’s largest and most dependable medical laundry network, made of the country’s most highly accredited medical linen and uniform service providers. We’ll cut down your search for the right scrub service provider to just one step. No vetting required, no worries necessary. 

Instead of the endless cycle of searching and getting disappointed, you only need to call MEDtegrity. Let us know where you are and what you’re looking for, and we’ll send the best options your way. 

Call MEDtegrity at (888) 893-3334 to get connected with the medical linen service specialist your facility needs and deserves. Feel free to contact us through our web portal here

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