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National Nurses Week 2019: 5 Ways to Thank Your Nurses

Nursing is easily one of most thankless professions around. And nurses all across the country can attest to the many, many reasons why nursing is a tough job. It is easy to see why nursing is not for everyone.

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What is MEDtegrity?

At first, MEDtegrity looks like just another commercial medical laundry. But MEDtegrity is so much more!

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Medical Linen Services Guide

When it comes to commercial linen services, there’s no doubt that nothing comes close to the pressure associated with and the stringency in standards required by medical linen services.

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How to Make Your Medical Practice More Child-Friendly

Young patients might easily be some of the pickiest and trickiest demographic to please. When it comes to child-friendly healthcare, you are not only dealing with sick, impatient, occasionally fussy children, but you are also faced with the challenge of worried, overworked, and stressed-out parents.

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The Difference Between Thermal and Non-Thermal Blankets

If you’re still wondering what the differences are between a thermal blanket and a non-thermal blanket, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’ll break down their differences for you and show you why thermal blankets are worth investing in.

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