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Go with a Green Healthcare Linen and Uniform Service This Earth Day

Earth Day is meant to celebrate and honor the world and its diverse environments, and to acknowledge how dependent we are on their wellbeing. There’s an endless list of activities that can be done or charities that can be donated to take part, but those efforts don’t have to stop at the day’s end. For […]

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Benefits of Medical Uniform Service Over COG 

Do you still own your medical uniforms? If so, it might be time to make a change and reconsider the benefits of medical uniform service over customer-owned goods (COG).

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Medical Facilities that Can Benefit from Medical Linen and Uniform Services 

Most medical facilities of various sizes can benefit from medical linen and uniform services, and MEDtegrity is ready to match them with the most qualified provider in their area. Here’s more specific information:

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How to Navigate Medical Linen Service Options in 2022 

Outsourcing your medical linen service is loaded with solutions that benefit a healthcare facility. However, it does not come without its risks and challenges. This comes mostly from the fact that not all linen service providers are made equal. Some are better and more dependable than others. The key here is knowing how to navigate […]

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Finding the Best Healthcare Linen Service for Your Facility in 2022 

A new year is a moment to change for the better. It’s a time to evaluate the habits and processes of the past year and think “Can this be better?” For medical facilities across the U.S., that scrutiny should be directed towards their medical linen and apparel management processes. MEDtegrity can connect medical facilities with […]

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