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Why The Best Medical Laundry Providers Are in MEDtegrity’s Network

Your facility’s medical laundry provider can be one of your greatest tools or one of your most problematic. The quality of medical linens and uniforms used by a medical facility are factors in the quality of care patients experience. Finding a reliable medical laundry provider with a proven track record is essential in maintaining a […]

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Medical Linen Service: What To Look For In A Provider

Finding a medical linen service is easy. It’s only an internet search away! What’s hard to do is find one that you can fully trust. They need to meet all compliance standards, deliver safe, hygienic materials, and do so efficiently. There’s so much to worry about, so much to consider, and a lot of investigating […]

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Why Medical Laundry Facilities are the Future

The future of medical linen care is here – and it’s looking good! Medical laundry facilities of today provide all-around, safe, and secure solutions for every healthcare facility’s linen need.

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Efficient Medical Uniform Practice: Provide Employees Clean Scrubs

From long shifts to health hazards, working in a medical facility can take its toll. Having to maintain scrubs with sanitary perfection day in and day out makes things even more challenging. It forces the question: is there another simple, efficient medical uniform practice to consider?  At-Home Medical Laundering Isn’t Efficient Medical Uniform Practice  For […]

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Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Quality Medical Gown Service

Hiring a third-party company take care of your patient gown service needs may sound risky. When done with the right medical gown service, however, this risk is worth the reward. At least, that’s what you’ll learn when that quality provider shows up on time, clean gowns ready!  

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