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How to Make Your Medical Practice More Child-Friendly

Young patients might easily be some of the pickiest and trickiest demographic to please. When it comes to child-friendly healthcare, you are not only dealing with sick, impatient, occasionally fussy children, but you are also faced with the challenge of worried, overworked, and stressed-out parents.

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The Difference Between Thermal and Non-Thermal Blankets

If you’re still wondering what the differences are between a thermal blanket and a non-thermal blanket, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’ll break down their differences for you and show you why thermal blankets are worth investing in.

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How to Make December More Fun for Patients Spending the Holidays in the Hospital

Being in the hospital is already bad enough, but spending the holidays in the hospital is extra challenging and sad for patients. 

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The Benefits of a Medical Laundry Service

Even though we live in a DIY (Do It Yourself) culture, there are some things that should just be handled by professionals. For example, medical laundry services.

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Where Did Those Pink and Blue Striped Hospital Baby Blankets Come From?

You may not notice at first glance the common newborn baby picture that parents take, but when you put two social media pictures of newborn babies side to side, you’ll likely notice one blatant similarity – the receiving blanket the baby is wrapped up in.

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