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Questions to Ask Before Picking a Healthcare Linen Provider

There is no room for error when it comes to the care and maintenance of your healthcare linens and to whom you trust to provide and launder them. Before taking the big leap and hiring a healthcare linen provider for your medical facility, it’s imperative to ask the right questions.

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What Fabrics Are Best For Your Medical Facility’s Pillowcases?

When a patient uses a hospital pillow, they want comfort. When a healthcare worker provides a hospital pillow, they want durability. Is it possible to have both and make everyone happy?

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Critical Guidelines for Handling Contaminated Laundry

Hospital linens are easily some of the most challenging items to wash and maintain. The foremost reason for this is the possibility of these items being contaminated with bloodborne pathogens from blood and other bodily fluids (e.g. pleural fluids, amniotic fluid, etc). 

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How to Choose Your Doctor Uniforms

We have yet to hear of an industry where appearance does not matter at all. While competence and people skills matter most, especially in a profession as crucial as medicine, it is hard to deny evidence that how one is dressed affects people’s perception of the professional – particularly how the patient perceives the doctor.

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National Nurses Week 2019: 5 Ways to Thank Your Nurses

Nursing is easily one of most thankless professions around. And nurses all across the country can attest to the many, many reasons why nursing is a tough job. It is easy to see why nursing is not for everyone.

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