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MEDtegrity Members Are Certified Green!

logo-clean-green-jpgMEDtegrity member Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply uses innovative technology to solve problems that healthcare providers deal with every day. Dempsey is an HLAC accredited uniform and linen supply that services Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia as well as the Washington DC area.

They operate an $18M commercial laundering facility with state-of-the-art processing systems. From clean, crisp linens to stylish medical apparel, their healthcare facilities customers have never looked so good! Dempsey has received national recognition for many of its practices. In February of this year they became the first launderer in the world to certified ‘Clean Green’ by the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA).

“It recognizes companies that meet TRSA-Clean Green requirements for achieving efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adopting best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.”

However, Dempsey is not the only member of MEDtegrity that has been TRSA-Clean Green certified. Take a look as some of our other members:

  • MediCo Professional Linen – Los Angeles, CA
  • Economy Linen and Towel Service, Inc. – Dayton, OH
  • Faultless Laundry Company – Kansas City, MO
  • Unitex Textile – Mount Vernon, NY

“Laundries demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by earning Clean Green certification, reflecting their dedication to further reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing their environmental stewardship. To be designated Clean Green, they implement as many green best management practices (BMPs) as possible” (

Many of our members are also accredited through the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program, which is a “voluntary pollution prevention and resource conservation program that enables TRSA to facilitate the industry’s continued commitment to increasingly efficient use of natural resources. (

We are proud of our members for these accreditations. For more information about the Clean Green standard, click here.

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