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The Difference Between Thermal and Non-Thermal Blankets

In the medical setting, providing a patient with a thermal blanket or a regular blanket can make a big difference. Here are the biggest difference between thermal and non-thermal blankets, […]

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How to Make December More Fun for Patients Spending the Holidays in the Hospital

Being in the hospital is already bad enough, but spending the holidays in the hospital is extra challenging and sad for patients. 

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The Benefits of a Medical Laundry Service

Even though we live in a DIY (Do It Yourself) culture, there are some things that should just be handled by professionals. For example, medical laundry services.

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Where Did Those Pink and Blue Striped Hospital Baby Blankets Come From?

You may not notice at first glance the common newborn baby picture that parents take. However, when you put two social media pictures of newborn babies side to side, you’ll […]

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9 Waiting Room Ideas That Will Make Your Patients Happy

Waiting is never an enjoyable experience. Add the stress of doctors and diagnoses, and you’re looking at solid torture. As a medical facility, you want to reduce that association and […]

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