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How the Right Uniforms Protect Medical Employees

medical uniforms

The right uniforms in your hospital, clinic, or medical facility can make the difference between contagion and contained. Equip your employees with the uniforms they need to protect themselves. 

The medical industry is one of the few industries where hazardous materials and conditions actively seek people out. You can never tell what will walk through the doors. A good medical facility anticipates anything and prepares for it. Having the right uniforms for any occasion on hand is vital to a safe operation. 

Lab Coats

Lab coats, or white coats, are synonymous with knowledge, integrity, and medical skill. They also protect your doctors’ personal clothing from microbes, viruses, and bacteria. The quality of the coat, however, largely determines how protective it is. The choice of material and thread count are determining factors in barrier effectiveness.  

Comfort and ease of movement are also essential qualities in lab coats. If your doctor is uncomfortable in their lab coat, they’ll be irritable at the worst possible times. 

But it’s not just quality and comfort that matters in this equation. With recent studies demonstrating the shocking amounts of bacteria on doctor coats, having them regularly washed is just as important. The simplest way to handle this is to hire a competent and experienced uniform provider.   


Scrubs are the hallmark of many medical workers. They project serious business while maintaining a casual presentation. Comfortable, durable, and easily cleaned, they’re the perfect uniform for completing every-day medical tasks. 

Scrubs also protect healthcare employees from the hazardous elements that they’re surrounded by all day. After all, it’s the nurses and attendants who spend most of the time in the room with patents in between doctor check ins. That’s more time exposed to whatever the patient might have. 

Quality scrubs, built to last and protect their wearers from whatever spills or contaminants come their way, are vital to health and safety. 

Warm-Up Jackets

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities are cold places. Warm-up jackets help nurses stay comfortable and task-oriented when performing any of their many vital roles. 

Barrier Lab Coats

Barrier lab coats are made of synthetic materials that are non-permeable to liquids and most microbes. Used in situations where contamination is likely, and generally in conjunction with gloves, barrier lab coats are a must for medical facilities. 

Though emphasizing protection and used only in specific situations, barrier lab coats are also built to maintain flexibility and comfort of the wearer. 

MEDtegrity is Your Medical Uniform Solution

Having the supplies you need for your hospital, clinic, or medical facility is only half the battle. To ensure the best protection for your employees, their uniforms must not only be of high quality, but must be washed frequently. Multiply that responsibility by every employee in your building, and it quickly becomes something better left to a professional. 

MEDtegrity Healthcare Linen & Uniform Services is the professional you’re looking for. With many years of experience and all of the accreditations any skeptic would want to see, MEDtegrity is the solution to your medical linen and uniform needs. Call us today at 888-893-3334, and ask for a free quote! 

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