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Why Go With a Local Medical Linen/Uniform Service

A medical linen/uniform service provider can help make or break your operations. It can affect everything in your facility – from patient satisfaction to your budget. That is why it is important that your service provider is a reliable one.

The next question is, of course: where do you find the right one for your facility? The answer is closer than you might think; go with a local medical linen/uniform service!

The Benefits of Working with a Local Medical Linen/Uniform Service

Working with a local medical linen/uniform service provider has more benefits than just serving your needs. Here are some of them:

Supporting the Local Economy and Community

Working with a local company is one of the best ways to help strengthen the local community. A big chunk of the money you spend on your local business partner stays in the community. The benefit ultimately ends up going towards the people that matter to your repeat business.

Less Travel Distance for Linens/Uniforms

Working with a local medical linen/uniform service provider, your items are processed in a local facility. This means that your linens/uniforms don’t spend too much time on the road. This significantly shortens the amount of waiting time between linen/uniform pickups and deliveries and saves money.

More Likely to Know Everyone on Your Provider’s Team

One of the starkest contrasts between a local and a conglomerate supplier is the relationship. Smaller, local companies are run by people who are all working on the same team, on the same page, maybe even on the same floor. 

This makes a whole world of difference not just in how they manage your account. More important than that is how they treat you. Local companies can give you the personalized, dedicated service that knows you individually, not just as another name on a file in their system.

The Only Problem with Local Linen/Uniform Service Providers

How do you find the right one? It might sound easy. After all, they’re local. Right?

Not exactly.

Finding one might be as simple as looking up the local directories. Finding the right one can be quite a challenge. The right one requires verifying the reputation and reliability of these potential service providers. And verifying requires time – time that you’re better off spending elsewhere.

The good news is: you do not need to do it all by yourself. We can help you find the right service provider in your area without all the hassles of actually finding them yourself!

MEDtegrity: Your Best Source for the Best Local Medical Linen/Uniform Service Provider

MEDtegrity is the leading and largest network of independent medical linen/uniform service providers in the country. Our high standards and straightforward service ensure that your local service provider meets your expectations.

With MEDtegrity, you can rest assured that your local linen/uniform service provider:

  • Meets compliance standards. All of our partners comply with industry requirements and have accreditations for organizations including Hygienically Clean Healthcare and the HLAC Certification.
  • Is a 100% reliable linen service provider. Our partners boast of an impressive 97% on-time delivery rating. You’ll never have to second-guess the arrival – or the quality – of your linen and uniform deliveries.
  • Offers a complete selection of healthcare linen/uniform services. Our service partners can take care of all your linen and uniform needs. No matter how big or small your operations may be, your MEDtegrity local service provider has got you covered!

Find Your Local Linen Service Provider Today!

You are one phone call away from finding the right solutions for your needs. Call MEDtegrity today at 888-893-3334 to get started on your service or speak with a representative about how our service works! 


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