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TRSA Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary!

blue_water_media_logoMEDtegrity Healthcare Linens & Uniforms would like to take this time to congratulate TRSA on their 100 years of supporting textile rental services. Many textile linen and uniform services respect and participate within the TRSA organization.

Established in 1912, the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) rose out of the need to create one voice for the industry; an industry that reflected the ‘American Dream.’ An industry that became a part of the lives of hard working people and an industry dedicated to success. Through its inception to present, TRSA has established best practices that have been shared by the entire industry.

Members of the MEDtegrity team have, and continue to participate within the TRSA Board over the years and still work directly with TRSA. Michael Potack, President of Unitex who was a TRSA Chair from 2005-2007 states, “The textile services industry has really been a significant force for the last 100 years.” From advocating regulatory changes to measuring trends and benchmarking, TRSA participates actively with its members to create change. TRSA supports textile rental services companies by:

  • Protecting and expanding the market for textile services by advocating for fair, balanced and pro-business regulation and taxation;
  • Facilitating the sharing of information and best practices at conferences, events and online;
  • Conducting research and benchmarking initiatives that improve productivity and customer services;
  • Disseminating articles, case studies, information, trends and news.

One of the major projects for TRSA is making sure the environment is taken care of in the best possible way by establishing best practices and programs that help textile services become more efficient and less wasteful. Patrick Dempsey, President of Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply and also the TRSA Operator Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient for 2011 states, “TRSA and the laundry industry, as we know it, are the most efficient users of water of any other source in any other competitive method that you can use.”

At MEDtegrity, our members are proud to work in partnership with TRSA to help improve and grow our industry. To learn more about the services of TRSA – click here. Take a minute to view the 100-year anniversary video which shows their past, present and their future.

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