Upgrade the way you clean your floors with an impressive selection of industrial-grade mops only from MEDtegrity! Our mops have the grit to battle the hardy challenges that filthy medical facility floors pose and the durability to endure the unforgiving mop maintenance process they go through with MEDtegrity.

You take care of your floors, and we’ll take care of your mops!

Mop Services for All Types of Medical Facilities

Get the best, cleanest floors with a set of mops designed to make cleaning faster, easier, and more effective. Choose from among our top mop products:

Loop Mop Heads

The looped ends of these mop heads are especially designed to allow them to withstand multiple washings and give you more uses. They have excellent coverage and are therefore your best option for cleaning wide areas.

Microfiber Dust Mops

Microfiber dust mops are the champions in efficiency. Not only are they very effective in picking up every little bit of dust in every nook and cranny thanks to their innovative hair-thin fibers that attract dust and keep them off your floors. More than that, microfiber dust mops are a breeze to work with and replace so you can get as much as you can out of them and never worry about the hassles of replacement.

Microfiber Wet Mops

These highly-absorbent mops are perfect for all your wet cleaning needs. Like their dust-mop counterparts, microfiber wet mops can get into the tightest cracks on your floors to suck up every last bit of moisture, leaving you with squeaky clean and dry floors.

Mop Frame and Handle

Make cleaning easier than ever with mop frames and handles designed to do exactly that and more. Our specialized set of mop frames and handles are so easy to maneuver, making cleaning those hard-to-reach areas a breeze to clean. These specialized handles are also designed to provide ample distance between the cleaner and the mess – a feature most helpful for hospital workers where bodily fluids are part of the daily cleaning to-do list.

Mop Buckets

These mop buckets have the best of form and function to help make cleaning so much more efficient. These mop buckets are not only made of durable materials – they are also designed to be just the right size and weight so transportation, handling, and cleaning are so much easier.

MEDtegrity is the Authority in Medical Mop Services

MEDtegrity is not only your most reliable source of medical linens and apparel. Our well-rounded service also includes a selection of cleaning and maintenance supplies. Our mops, like our linens and garments, have been especially picked for their effectiveness in the medical industry.

Get the best mop services for healthcare facilities today only from MEDtegrity!

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