IPA is the leading manufacturer of linen and specialty uniform distribution solutions.

IPA provides the most advanced range of solutions for the management and automation of healthcare linen and specialty uniforms. Our solutions are made in the U.S.A., and are installed in more than 1,000 hospitals worldwide. We design advanced software and hardware solutions that allows you to monitor and manage your distribution processes.


Reduce unintentional contamination of linens and scrubs by limiting access to them.


With greater control over linen and scrub inventory, reduce theft and inappropriate use of materials.


Ensure clean linen availability when needed, thereby allowing staff to focus on providing safe patient care.


Facilitate data-driven decisions about departmental par levels, users, machine activity, and more with linen management software.

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With the alEx Linen Center, authorized staff gain access to linen they need by using their hospital ID. alEx automatically opens for authorized personnel, supplying hygienically clean linen. As linen is removed, users and linen management receive instant feedback through the clearView®️ linen management software. alEx automatically closes, keeping linen secure and protected from contamination while driving down processing and replacement costs.

Our secure, advanced machines provide authorized staff with clean scrubs in less than 5 seconds. The linen management staff gain real-time insight into dispenser/receiver fill percentages and receive instant alerts when inventory reaches a pre-determined threshold. While driving efficiency and staff satisfaction, scrubEx® also complies with AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, helping to better prevent and control the risk of infection.

Designed to drive vendor compliance and reduce costs, vendEx®️ provides authorized vendors with clean scrubs from a secure scrub dispensing machine. Infection prevention is supported by ensuring vendors are not wearing scrubs from outside a facility into a hospital. It also ensures authorized vendors return soiled scrubs before leaving a hospital or healthcare facility.

coverCare™ is a comprehensive service and preventative maintenance protection plan offered with all IPA products. Designed to optimize your service experience, coverCare™ is a great value for your investment.

The clearView® linen management system provides real-time access to scrub and linen utilization data. Easy-to-read reports and at-a-glance dashboards include real-time fill rate monitoring. The web-based system allows you to proactively monitor inventory levels anytime, anywhere.