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Why Your Facility Needs Quality Environmental Products

medical environmental products

Floors are some of the most germ-riddled areas in any medical facility, whether it’s your large multi-tiered hospital or the waiting room of your GP’s office. Floors are teeming with all sorts of disease-causing pathogens, most alarming of which are MRSA, VRE, and Clostridium difficile. This fact magnifies the need for quality environmental products in medical facilities.

There are three key elements to proper floor cleaning: method, disinfectant, and tools. There is a lot of room to experiment with which disinfectants are most suitable for use in the healthcare setting. Similarly, there’s room for variation regarding methods that work to get the job done. The one thing that is non-negotiable when it comes to floor disinfection is the quality of the cleaning tools.

There aren’t that many types of tools to choose from for cleaning floors. A mop is a mop. What can make a big difference, though, is the quality material and engineering that goes into their construction.

Cleaning Efficiency

Science has proven that some floor cleaning methods are more effective than others. But its efficacy proves futile with poor quality tools to work with. For starters, quality determines durability. In a healthcare facility, where the need to clean the floors is constant, regular environmental products just won’t make the cut. To accomplish that, you’ll need the aid of floor mops that can stand up to the challenge. They can’t disintegrate after a couple of wipes or break apart after a couple of washes or uses.

Aside from being durable, healthcare-use environmental products also need to be champions in efficiency. You need floor mop handles that are comfortable and easy to use in the most challenging of situations. You need mop heads that are easy to use and replace and mop buckets that are effortless to clean. Healthcare facilities need to get the most out of each clean while being low maintenance. These facilities are hard enough to maintain – you can’t use finicky mops and buckets for heavy chores.

Cleaning Results

Cleaning is, of course, never clean enough in a highly critical and delicate healthcare facility. And when the stakes are as high as that, you’ll need environmental products that take your cleaning further. If basic floor mops can do so much, imagine what a higher-quality, microfiber floor mop can do. Contaminants and soiling on the floors won’t stand a chance.

High-Quality Mats for Added Coverage

Get the most out of your cleaning efforts by utilizing high-quality mats for your medical facility.  With high-quality environmental floor mats, your floors stay cleaner longer and your employees are safer. 

No matter the need, MEDtegrity can connect you to the supplier that will provide. That’s efficiency, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Get the Right Environmental Product Support Today

Getting the right quality of environmental products should not be hard or impossible. Contact MEDtegrity today to get a referral for a reliable medical floor care supplier. Call us at (888) 893-3334.    

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